Release Date: May 31, 2016
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PERCUSSION: Alyssa Weeks,
Matthias D'Autremont

CELLO: Allison Lowe

PHOTOGRAPHY: James Morris, Alyssa Weeks

VIDEOGRAPHY: James Morris Productions


All songs written by Glenn Lowe

People always like to hear the inspiration for songs. I made some notes below that hopefully gives you a flavor of how it works for me ...

HIGHWAY ONE was actually written in Austin, Texas. Living there surrounded by land without any ocean in sight made me long for the days when all I had to do is jump in my car and take a drive down Highway 1 down the California coastline to lift my spirit. It later became the name of a band, but now has returned to its acoustic roots.

MISSOURI PACIFIC was also written in Austin, where the "MoPac" route is a reminder of the Missouri Pacific railroad that once passed through Texas with the impressive fleet of "Eagle" trains painted in an eye catching blue and gray.

BEACH PARTY, originally titled "Island Celebration" was renamed "Beach Party" by my niece Allison who dismissed the original bland description, proclaiming it was written specifically for a beach party. Who was I to argue such clarity? So grab a cold one and join your friends by a roaring fire on the beach.

CARMELITA started while I was sitting in my brown and white '72 Nova, waiting for Bananas at Large in San Rafael to open for business. As the heat penetrated my brain, I began to fantasize about a beautiful woman in a flowery summer dress, walking down the sidewalk, then turning around to look at me looking at her.

OCEAN DRIVE is just something I came up with on some happy Saturday morning while in a good mood fiddling with my classical Takamine. I can't help but remember a woman at a gig once dancing very close to me as I played "Ocean Drive", worrying about whether she was going to rub against my guitar thereby muting the sound (she never did but it was close).

LOST IN A DREAM was written in Benicia, California. I moved there to clear my head, to forget about the past and start over. To steal a line from "Shawshank Redemption" the Pacific has no memory, so walking along the beach and soaking up the nightly gorgeous sunsets began to make things right again.

SUNSET & VINE came to me as I watched street musicians in Berkeley playing music, having a great time and seeming not to care about anything else. Suddenly I found myself imagining playing on a street corner with a cup, smiling from ear to ear as I watched the pretty faces go by. Strange thing is, I had never literally stood at the corner of Sunset & Vine, which might have been a problem, until I later Googled that street corner to discover a water fountain exactly how I envisioned. Weird.

SHE CAN STOP THE RAIN took on many shapes and sizes. The first version, co-written by David Landon, had more of a country flavor. Recently, I decided to reboot the song in more of a pop-jazz feel, rewriting the lyrics to tell more of a lighthearted story, safe and sound under an umbrella sky.

SAN DIEGO was about leaving Texas to return to California. Initially, the plan was to move to San Diego with my friend Doug Abrams, but while family obligations compelled Doug to remain in the Lone Star state, I couldn't bear taking another breath that didn't have a hint of sea salt. Arriving in San Diego, warm breezes, palm trees, and white sand made me feel like every day was a vacation.

OCOTILLO was inspired by the rolling drive of the Kumeyaay Highway by the California/Mexico border. As I sped up and down like a roller coaster, my bladder was going to burst from too much water intake. Should I pull over, or keep going? Honestly, I don't recall what I did, I just remember losing my breaks and helplessly crawling to the nearest gas station.

I hope you enjoy "HIghway One"

— Glenn